November 7, 2017 Elections

Support the Labor Union Endorsed Candidates


Victoria Szopinski                            Mayor



Robert Peffer                                   City Council At-Large



Elijah Stines                                      City Council Ward 3

Cedar Falls

Erin Cornelius                                   City Council At-Large


Cedar Rapids

Dale Todd                                         City Council Dist. 3

Justin Shields                                    City Council Dist. 5

Tyler Olson                                       City Council At-Large



Meghann Foster                              City Council At-Large

Miriam Timmer-Hackert                City Council At-Large

Elizabeth Dinsche                            City Council At-Large


Council Bluffs

Melissa Head                                   City Council At-Large

Mike Wolf                                         City Council At-Large



Ed O’Neill                                          City Council Ward 3



Rick Dunn                                          City Council Ward 1

Maria Dickmann                              City Council Ward 2

Marion Meginnis                             City Council Ward 3

Susan Weir                                       City Council Ward 4

Richard Clewell                                City Council Ward 6

Mike Matson                                    City Council Ward 7

Toby Paone                                      City Council At-Large

J.J. Condon                                        City Council At-Large


Des Moines

Skip Moore                                       City Council At-Large

Bill Gray                                             City Council Ward 1

Josh Mandelbaum                           City Council Ward 3



Kate Larsen                                       City Council Ward 3


Fort Dodge

Matt Bemrich                                   Mayor


Iowa City

Mazahir Salih                                   City Council At-Large

Kingsley Botchway                          City Council At-Large



Diana Broderson                             Mayor

Kelcey Brackett                                City Council At-Large

Osmond Malcolm                           City Council Ward 2

Nadine  Brockert                             City Council Ward 4



Robert LaPoint                                 Mayor

Matthew Dalbey                             City Council At-Large

Holly Berg                                         City Council At-Large

Joe Denton                                       City Council At-Large


Pleasant Hill

Ross Grooters                                  City Council


Sioux City

Alex Watters                                    City Council At-Large

Dan Moore                                       City Council At-Large


State Center

Steve Sodders                                  Mayor



Michael Sadler                                 City Council At-Large



Tom Powers                                     City Council Ward 1

Pat Morrissey                                   City Council Ward 3

Cody Leistikow                                City Council Ward 5


West Des Moines

Kevin Trevillyan                               City Council Ward 1

Nadir Mehta                                     City Council Ward 3

Renee Hardman                               City Council At-Large


Windsor Heights

Michael Libbie                                 City Council At-Large

Joseph Jones                                    City Council At-Large


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