Statement of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Senate Fast Track Vote

stop fast track tpp“Sixty-two Senators today turned their backs on working families by voting for Fast Track.  This bill, which failed to address even one of our six criteria for creating a more democratic and transparent trade negotiating process, will undermine efforts to raise wages and create a fairer economy.  If we want a different economy, one that levels the playing field and doesn’t just benefit those already at the top, we need new rules on trade, not the same failed policies with a “new and improved” sticker on them.


Even worse, the Senate failed to include an objective seeking enforceable provisions against currency manipulation in trade deals.  Currency manipulation has killed 5 million jobs in the U.S. already; those who voted to kill the amendment will have to accept responsibility for the millions of jobs that will be lost in the future by their refusal to contain the practice.  Advancing Fast Track without even attempting to ensure this destructive practice is curtailed is a reckless move that put US jobs at risk, not just for today’s workers, but for our children and grandchildren.


This destructive legislation now heads for the House, where it will face an even tougher test.  America’s workers hope to defeat the legislation there.”

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