Bolkcom: House Leadership has “moral obligation” to allow vote on medical cannabis

bolcumPersonal point on April 27, 2015 by Senator Joe Bolkcom


“I heard today that the Iowa House won’t be back at the statehouse, ready to debate until Wednesday.

“Is that really true?  I can hardly believe it.

“Sick and suffering Iowans are asking for our help. The Iowa Senate has approved a responsible way to get them the medicines they need. And the Republican majority of the Iowa House is taking two days off?

“That is appalling.  It is shameful.  This legislation is the ONLY chance these suffering Iowans have.

“Denying them a vote, a vote which would likely be successful, would be cruel and mean-spirited.

“Washington is broken on this issue.  Washington can’t solve this problem.  That’s why 23 states created their own medical cannabis systems.  That’s why Iowa should do the same.

“Families affected by cancer, MS, Epilepsy, AIDS, PTSD, and other painful, long-term conditions simply  want a safe, legal, affordable way to access helpful medicines.

“The overwhelming majority of Iowans are ready to help.

“This isn’t just any issue. It is a life and death for many of these patients.

“If the leadership of the Iowa House wants to deny medicine to Iowans who need it, they should at least have the decency to allow a vote on Senate File 484.

“In fact, I believe House leaders have a moral obligation to allow a vote on medical cannabis before this session ends.”

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