Gronstal: Let’s turn attention to responsibly funding Iowa schools again

iowa cap at nightStatement by Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs

after sending School Start Date compromise (SF 227) to the Governor’s desk


“When it comes to the school start date, Governor Branstad singlehandedly created a significant problem for schools and parents.  Today I’ve decided to allow Senate File 227 to go the Governor’s office and resolve this issue.


This compromise ends a major distraction which has taken attention away from this session’s most important, most pressing education issue: Renewing Iowa’s bipartisan commitment to responsibly investing in Iowa’s local students.

“This issue affects 100 percent of Iowa schoolchildren, parents, teachers as well as employers and community leaders.   We must provide the funding necessary for our schools to ensure increased student achievement and teacher quality.


“The alternative — 1.25% growth proposed by Governor Branstad and legislative Republicans — will result in more crowded classrooms, fewer course offerings, and higher property taxes.

“It’s time for the Governor and legislative Republicans to start listening to their constituents on this important issue.”

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