Editorial: Invest more in K-12 education

cap domeIowa Gov. Terry Branstad is just a year away from being the longest serving governor in U.S. history. Over the course of his six terms, overspending hasn’t been a problem. Fiscal conservativism has been the administration’s method of operation since the governor took office in 1983. It’s one of the many reasons USA Today named Iowa as one of the top five “best-run” states in December 2014.

But what may be good for the budget statements at the end of the year, the box score of money spent versus money earned, doesn’t necessarily mean all has been accounted for.

Many of the cuts in public funding that the state government has made over the last decade affected educators and families alike.

On Tuesday, the Iowa House passed a 1.25 percent increase in K-12 public-school funding, an estimated increase of $48 million for the next academic year.


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