We should all be thankful for labor unions’ successes

Today and continuing through this weekend, families and friends will gather to spend time together and remember everything we have to be grateful for. We should be especially mindful of our good fortune, and remember those who have helped provide for us as a community.

Even as too many are out of work, underemployed or working for low wages, we have a lot to be thankful for. Unfortunately, the result of the midterm elections will mean fewer prominent voices speaking out for working families, but one constant will remain: the voice of labor unions.

Now more than ever, we should be thankful to labor unions and their members for standing up for the middle class.

Unions make the middle class strong by ensuring workers have a voice at work and in our democracy. Unions work on behalf of their members, who make up the fabric of our communities. Union members teach our children, they fight fires and police our streets. Union members are nurses, caring for us when we’re sick. Union members are government employees, sanitation workers, food and water quality inspectors, plumbers, carpenters and telecommunication workers. Union members keep our neighborhoods safe and communities strong, often doing jobs that we take for granted


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