The Secret’s Out — And There’s No Hiding Ernst’s Anti-Iowa Agenda

Bruce Rowher, a farmer from O’Brien County, and Midge Slater with the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, joined Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price today to discuss Joni Ernst’s secret Koch retreat, where Joni Ernst herself confirmed she was groomed by the Koch brothers, and thanks them for their support.

Ernst’s remarks at the Koch retreat confirm that she’s embraced anti-Iowa special interests and that she’ll put the Koch brothers’ Tea Party plan ahead of Iowa’s middle class families.  She can no longer hide her Koch-endorsed agenda, which includes privatization of Social Security, rejecting a raise in the minimum wage, and gutting the Renewable Fuel Standard.

On the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Koch brothers’ dark money Super PAC Americans for Prosperity supports permanently repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).  Ernst is also “philosophically opposed” to the RFS, which supports nearly 75,000 jobs in Iowa.  Bruce Rohwer, a farmer from O’Brien County, outlined the disastrous consequences of doing away with the RFS, saying:

“While Bruce Braley is fighting tooth and nail against proposed reductions to the RFS, the Koch Brothers want to see it permanently eliminated. So it shouldn’t be surprising that according to her campaign, in Joni Ernst’s perfect world, there would not be an RFS.  Quite simply, the Koch/Ernst agenda would be a disaster for Iowa jobs, for Iowa’s economy, and for Iowa’s agriculture communities. Instead of hiding at secret oil billionaire fundraisers, Joni Ernst needs to come clean to Iowans about her big oil agenda that is great for the Koch Brothers, but wrong for Iowa.”

Ernst’s Koch brothers’ agenda doesn’t stop there – Joni Ernst’s Tea Party plan goes so far as to want to privatize Social Security.  David Koch has called Social Security “the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war.”  Both the Kochs and Ernst have expressed support for voucherizing Medicare and ending guaranteed benefits.  Midge Slater, of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, denounced these wrong for Iowa ideas, saying:

“Joni Ernst would privatize Social Security, put the guaranteed benefit of Social Security at risk and jeopardize the retirement security of workers approaching retirement, and future generations.  She would gamble Iowa seniors’ retirement savings in the stock market, leaving the retirement security of seniors in the hands of Wall Street.  She puts her strong alliance with the Koch brothers ahead of her responsibility to fight for Iowans.  Her Koch-endorsed ideas are wrong for Iowa, and we need a Senator who will fight for Social Security and Medicare, not one who will put them in jeopardy.”

Joni Ernst can’t hide her true agenda – it’s in lockstep with the Koch brothers on the issues that are most important to Iowa’s middle class families.  She’s made it clear that the Koch brothers are her true constituency, not hardworking Iowans.

Ernst may be ‘wonderful’ for the Koch brothers, but her extreme positions are wrong for Iowa.

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