Mowrer confident he can be Steve King’s worst nightmare

Not yet even 30 years old, Jim Mowrer has the chutzpah to believe he can take down a 12-year congressman who has trounced a succession of Democratic challengers including, in 2012, Iowa’s former first lady. Despite her impressive fundraising and name recognition, Christie Vilsack lost to Steve King by about 8 points.

King also has national name recognition — but more for his outrageous, inflammatory pronouncements than for any legislative accomplishments.

Among those comments, the congressman famously declared that college-age students who were brought by unauthorized immigrant parents to the United States as children should not be granted in-state tuition rates because they have “calves the size of cantaloupes” from hauling drugs across the desert. He once asserted that if Barack Obama were elected president, terrorists would be dancing in the streets. He even said he could empathize with a zealot who flew a plane into a building containing a Texas IRS office — because King himself has had bad dealings with the federal tax agency.


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