Young and Ryan Buddy Up and Double Down on Anti-Middle Class Agenda

Following is a statement from Appel for Iowa Communications Director Nick Galbraith on Rep. Paul Ryan’s fundraiser today for fellow Washington insider David Young:

“Voters already can see through Young’s feeble statements about keeping the promise of Social Security and Medicare and by inviting Paul Ryan, the architect of a budget that ends the Medicare guarantee, Young only crystalizes that in Congress he will stand with billionaires and Washington special interests, not Iowa’s seniors or middle class families.”

Young Defended President George W. Bush’s Efforts to Privatize Social Security:  In May 2014, David Young said, “And, we have to do this in a way where we have leadership, honest leadership at the presidential level. We saw President George W. Bush put his neck out on the line and try to reform and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and what happened, the liberals just lambasted him and made it a political issue.” [Treynor KMNLand Candidate Debate, 5/5/14]

Young: Spending Cuts To Social Security Should Be On The Table. “On issues, Young said he opposes the 2010 federal health care reform law and would like to see it repealed. He also wants to reduce the complexity of the tax codes and said spending cuts can be found, adding that even entitlement programs such as Social Security have to be on the table.” [Sioux City Journal, 10/8/13]

Young Said to Fix Entitlements “You have to Put Everything on the Table.” In 2014, Young said “You know you really need to get at this by hitting entitlements and that’s the third rail, the sacred cow that nobody wants to talk about, but you have to […] Well first of all you have to put everything on the table and that’s where you start. You put retirement age, taxes, benefits, means testing and that’s where you start.” [WHOtv, 3:08, 2/16/14]

Young Embraced Republican Budget, Saying it was a “Good Thing.” In 2014, at fundraiser with Congressman Paul Ryan, Young said the Ryan Budget “moves the ball down the field […] and that’s a good thing.” [Associated Press, 4/11/14]

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