Gronstal and Seniors Criticize Young’s Anti-Middle Class Agenda

Ahead of Ryan Visit, Iowans Denounce Young’s Support of Radical Republican Budget
DES MOINES – Ahead of Paul Ryan’s (WI-1) fundraiser for 3rd District candidate for Congress, David Young (R-Van Meter), Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D-Council Bluffs)Jan Laue, President of the Alliance for Retired Americans and senior Joyce Hendrix today criticized Young’s support for a reckless agenda to end retirement security and raise taxes on Iowa’s middle class families.
“Young seems willing to sell out the interests of Iowa families, and reward his well-heeled friends and beneficiaries of Paul Ryan’s plan to give tax breaks to the wealthy, raise taxes on the middle class and end the Medicare guarantee for seniors,” said Gronstal. “While Young has said one thing to voters in Iowa, it’s pretty clear to me he won’t stand on the side of Iowa’s middle class in Washington.”Earlier this year, Young called Ryan’s Republican Budget a “good thing” which raises taxes on middle class families by an average of $2,000 a year and ends the Medicare guarantee for seniors and future retirees. Young has also applauded efforts to privatize Social Security despite being caught trying to denying it at the IPTV 3rd Congressional Debate in Council Bluffs.

“Mr. Young is not being forthright with Iowa Seniors, but his fundraising with Congressman Ryan speaks loud and clear: he is in lockstep with the plan to cut senior benefits while giving handouts to millionaires and billionaires.” said Jan Laue, President of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans. She added. “It’s unsettling to seniors that Mr. Young’s positions on Medicare and Social Security seem to change depending on the audience, but Iowa seniors deserve to know where he stands.”

Young has repeatedly expressed support for putting cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare “on the table” and praised Ryan’s plan that would convert Medicare into a voucher program that would raise costs to Iowa Seniors.

“It sickens me that after decades of paying into Social Security and Medicare David Young and Republicans think it’s fair to cut our benefits while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations who ship jobs overseas,” said local senior Joyce Hendrix. She added, “I am voting for Staci Appel to protect my own benefits, but I’m also voting for Staci so that my grandkids have have the same promise of retirement community.”

Young Defended President George W. Bush’s Efforts to Privatize Social Security:  In May 2014, David Young said, “And, we have to do this in a way where we have leadership, honest leadership at the presidential level. We saw President George W. Bush put his neck out on the line and try to reform and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and what happened, the liberals just lambasted him and made it a political issue.” [Treynor KMNLand Candidate Debate, 5/5/14]

Young: Spending Cuts To Social Security Should Be On The Table. “On issues, Young said he opposes the 2010 federal health care reform law and would like to see it repealed. He also wants to reduce the complexity of the tax codes and said spending cuts can be found, adding that even entitlement programs such as Social Security have to be on the table.” [Sioux City Journal, 10/8/13]

Young Said to Fix Entitlements “You have to Put Everything on the Table.” In 2014, Young said “You know you really need to get at this by hitting entitlements and that’s the third rail, the sacred cow that nobody wants to talk about, but you have to […] Well first of all you have to put everything on the table and that’s where you start. You put retirement age, taxes, benefits, means testing and that’s where you start.” [WHOtv, 3:08, 2/16/14]

Young Embraced Republican Budget, Saying it was a “Good Thing.” In 2014, at fundraiser with Congressman Paul Ryan, Young said the Ryan Budget “moves the ball down the field […] and that’s a good thing.” [Associated Press, 4/11/14]

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