Audit: $113,000 of taxpayers’ money wasted on no-show employees in Secretary of State Schultz’s office

A Statement from Sen. Liz Mathis,
co-chair of the Administration and Regulation Budget Subcommittee

“During the 2014 session, it took repeated phone calls and emails by legislators to get Secretary of State Matt Schultz to answer basic questions about how he was spending taxpayer dollars. Now we know why he was not eager to answer questions about his potential misuse of public funds.

“An audit released today confirmed that Schultz handed out a six-figure salary to an employee who simply wasn’t working.  This is a disgraceful example of favoritism and a misuse of the powers of the office of Secretary of State. It also proves again that Schultz is a poor manager who lacked the experience to oversee the Secretary of State’s office in a responsible way.

“Last December, the State Auditor raised serious questions about whether Schultz had misused more than $240,000 of federal funds on fruitless criminal investigations of Iowa voters. The audit released today shows Schultz misspent another $113,000 of taxpayer funds. And this may not be the last we hear about Schultz’s misuse and mismanagement.

“Today, I renew my call for Secretary Schultz to apologize to Iowa taxpayers for this misuse of public money.”

Link to Audit: Review of Payments by the Secretary of State’s Office to Former Employeesliz

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