Afscme Iowa

Brothers and Sisters,

Today in the Iowa Senate, Democratic Senators stood with working families and passed Medicaid expansion out of committee.

If it becomes law, Senate File 71 will implement the Medicaid expansion portion of Obama Care in Iowa. Medicaid expansion would expand coverage to up to 150,000 Iowans who currently receive too little care, too late. Currently, the cost of emergency room visits and treating patients too late has been taken on by hospitals, the State of Iowa, and taxpayers.

Medicaid expansion is not only the right choice from a financial perspective; it is in line with Iowa’s values and the right thing to do for Iowa’s working families. We want to thank the Democrats in the Iowa Senate for standing up for what is right.

Iowans know that Medicaid expansion is necessary to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation. We will continue to update you on this issue as the session progresses.

In Solidarity,

Danny Homan, President
AFSCME Iowa Council 61

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