Wage Theft Victories

Union workers have fought to have a voice in the workplace to raise standards and have won a binding grievance and arbitration procedure.  If we have an issue with our pay, we simply file a grievance.  Non union workers don’t have a voice on the job and it’s almost impossible to organize some sectors – even though their employers are competing with union companies.
One warehouse alone in Iowa City employees 300 temps!  What happens when wages are stolen from those employees? Not long ago, the employees had nowhere to turn.  Now, with the help of Labor and faith-based organizations, they have a place to turn to – the Center for Worker Justice.
Iowa City workers defend their rights, & win back$1000 in unpaid wages!
What’s possible when workers unite? They win. Check out our most recent wage theft victory story below, and don’t forget to mark you calendar for our next Allies’ meeting on August 1st at noon. Read on for a great way to end your week!

Two workers at a temporary agency in an Iowa City factory came to the office of the Center for Worker Justice for help. They were each owed hundreds of dollars in unpaid wages for their hard work on an assembly line, but their manager wasn’t paying them.

Working with CWJ staff and volunteers, the workers reviewed the facts of their case, and agreed to send a delegation of allies from churches, unions, and community groups to speak with the manager.

It worked. The workers recovered nearly $1,000 in wages they were owed, and the employer learned that its workers are no longer alone. CWJ unites workers and community allies to stand up for the dignity and basic rights of all workers.

“When I asked for the pay I was owed, my boss said, ‘Immigrants like you don’t have the right to a paycheck. Forget about your check.’ But I had worked hard for my wages, so I joined with the Center for Worker Justice and recovered my pay. Don’t be afraid. We have rights and groups like CWJ can help us.”– Factory Worker, Iowa City

Wage theft is rampant in our community, but when workers organize and allies join the fight, we can win. Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you on August 1st.

Misty Rebik
Executive Director

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