Iowa Democratic Party Calls on Brenna Findley to Resign

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June 25, 2014

Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price called on Brenna Findley to resign today after revelations of her knowledge of Governor Branstad’s hush money scandal:

“Brenna Findley needs to follow in the footsteps of her scandal-ridden colleagues and resign immediately from her post as the Branstad administration’s chief attorney. Terry Branstad has vehemently denied that his staff and administration had anything to do with the reprehensible hush money deals they have been accused of, but the Governor’s pattern of denial is finally catching up to him as his cronyism-fueled administration continues to fall apart.  Three months later, we are learning of another scandal or another piece of the puzzle that is widening the scope of Branstad’s culture of political retribution.  While it may be a long time before we get the entire truth, there is one thing we do know – it’s time for a fresh start in Terrace Hill.”

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