What’s Important to Working Families

By Ken Sagar

So the mid-term elections are on the horizon.  The Primary election is June 3rd and the general election is November 4th.  What issues make you want to vote? 

How about, “Who will make the economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy?” or “What candidate favors asking wealthy individuals and corporations to pay their fair share of taxes?” or “What candidate favors investment in schools, research, transportation and creating jobs, funded by closing tax loopholes?”

I am sure everyone has noticed it is getting harder and harder for working people to afford a middle-class lifestyle.  I know college tuition keeps rising, putting college out of reach for many, and burdening others with student debt.

It costs over $50 to fill up your tank. A trip to the grocery store is a hundred bucks, more if you have kids.  Politicians and CEOs keep giving themselves raises, while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be paid enough to live on.

The American dream or the promise of America should be for everyone, not just the wealthy few.   They system is skewed for corporate CEOs who make hundreds of times the pay of the average worker, and over the past four years the richest 1% saw their incomes rise 31% while most everyone else got no raise at all.

Corporations and the wealthy can afford to pay their fair share, so that working families can have more opportunities to succeed.

Take a look at the endorsements.  We try to analyze the candidates based on their positions on working family issues.  Those who don’t return the questionnaires or meet with the labor councils are not endorsed.  If they don’t want to tell us where they are on our issues, they probably don’t support us.


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