Don’t’ Be Fooled

I’ve heard recently the Postal Service has notified customers they have to move their mail boxes to centralized delivery points and they will no longer receive delivery to their houses or businesses. Well, to be clear –it isn’t TRUE!

You CANNOT be forced to change where your mail is delivered, or what is called your mode of delivery, unless you want to. The Postal Service, like any other Government agency, has tons of Handbooks and Manuals which control its operations. I should know I’m a retired Letter Carrier and worked for 32 years in the Des Moines area before I retired. The Postal Operations Manual (POM) is the controlling document about this sort of thing and it says SPECIFICALLY;

POM Sec 631.6: Delivery managers can go into any delivery territory where delivery has been established for over 1 year and solicit to convert the mode of delivery if it would be cost beneficial to the Postal Service…Customer signatures Must Be Obtained Prior to any conversion. In single family housing areas (including manufactured housing and mobile homes) where the residences and lots and owned, each owner must agree to the conversion in writing. Owners who do not agree must be allowed to retain their current mode of delivery!

The Postal Service can solicit – Ask – you to change to a central delivery mode, but you don’t have to agree to the change, unless you want to. If you want to go along and make the change, the Postal Service still has to obtain your written consent.

No doubt the Postal Service needs to cut its costs, but the reason it is in such a financial condition is because Congress requires it to pay $5.5 Billion a year to the Treasury, not because the Post Office isn’t making money selling stamps and delivery our mail. Last year the Postal Service made an operational profit of over $400 Million!

Let Congress fix the financial problem they created without trying to take away the Service from the people who pay for it- our customers. If you don’t want to have your mailbox moved from your existing delivery “MODE” don’t agree to the move- it is OUR service and it we want to keep it where it is, when that’s what we will do. Don’t let anyone from the Post Office tell you have to “You Have to Move Your Mailbox”. It’s simply not the TRUTH!

If you are a business customer, but not the owner of your building, make sure the owner knows your preference to keep your current delivery method. Also, don’t fall for the line that you may have to incur all the costs for changing the mode of delivery in the future. 

This is just simply not the Truth!

Mark Fallis

Retired Letter Carrier

Des Moines IA


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