AFL-CIO Slams North Carolina ‘Imminent Disturbance’ Rule with New Video

May 29, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, in a show of solidarity with progressive activists and faith leaders in North Carolina, the AFL-CIO released a video slamming the North Carolina state legislature for establishing undemocratic ‘imminent disturbance’ rules, aimed at limiting the First Amendment rights of North Carolinians.

“The very best of America has come from imminent disturbance, and to limit people’s right to assemble and protest is both unacceptable and un-American,” said AFL-CIO Strategic Advisor and Communications Director, Eric Hauser. “We stand together with the thousands who have spoken out against these reprehensible rules, and call on North Carolina’s leaders to reverse course and restore the basic rights we fight for every day.”

These rules, established earlier this month, would prohibit individuals from engaging in activity deemed to be an ‘imminent disturbance’ to the North Carolina statehouse. The new rules directly impact participants of the ‘Moral Mondays’, which have shed light on extreme right-wing policies introduced in the North Carolina statehouse.

The video, entitled ‘Imminent Disturbance’, can be found here:  

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