State appeals, claims anti-Branstad pin should be banned

A March ruling that allows state employees to wear pins that reflect unfavorably on Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad should be reversed, state officials said in an appeal filed late Tuesday.

The pins — distributed by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a union that says it represents 40,000 public employees in Iowa — shows an unflattering black and white photograph of Gov. Terry Branstad’s face bisected by a red diagonal slash with the words “NOTHING HAS CHANGED.”

The union says the pins were designed in protest of Branstad’s 2011 partial veto of a budget bill that forced the state to close 36 state unemployment offices and replace them with hundreds of self-help computer kiosks.

The Iowa Supreme Court later unanimously ruled the line-item veto unconstitutional because Branstad redirected money from the unemployment offices to other spending, which the court ruled was overstepping his authority. The Iowa Legislature in 2012 passed another budget bill that kept the unemployment offices closed, giving Branstad his way on the matter.branstad-pins READ MORE

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