Raise the Wage May Day March Waterloo Iowa

Thursday May 1st

Americans for Democratic Action in partnership with the Raise the Wage Iowa Coalition

5-5:30 Cash Bomb at Popcorn Heaven 403 Franklin St Franklin St.
Show your support for a brand new local small business who despite just opening is paying all of their employees well above the proposed new minimum wage of $10.10 an hour. Come and spend a few bucks on delicious gourmet popcorn and show your support for responsibly run local business.
5:25 Press Conference with Re Shonda Young, Owner of Popcorn Heaven.
5:35pm May Day March for Minimum Wage
Join Americans for Democratic Action as we march from Popcorn Heaven down Franklin St to the 220 East Gallery located at 220 East 4th Street where there will be live music, speakers, and a free dinner provided by ADA.
The value of minimum wage has been on a constant decline since the height of is value in 1968 when the inflation adjusted value was $10.68. Todays minimum wage of $7.25 is a poverty wage. “No one who works in America should live in poverty. If small business like Popcorn Heaven can afford to pay a livable wage, then so can the Wall Marts of the world.”-Chris Schwartz Americans for Democratic Action.
Popcorn Heaven will be the first of many locally owned businesses paying a livable wage that Americans for Democratic Action plans to highlight. raise the wage waterloo 2014
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