He didn’t Know!

By Ken Sagar, President Iowa Federation of Labor

He didn’t know there were problems at the Iowa Juvenile home.

He didn’t know his driver was speeding while he was in the car.

He didn’t know veterans were being mistreated at the Veterans Home.

He didn’t know that Chris Godfrey was gay.

He didn’t know Administrative Law Judges were being pressured.

Now he didn’t know there were secret settlements with state employees.


The Governor wants his most trusted aides to investigate these settlements in “closed talks.” I agree with the need for investigation but it is time for an independent someone to investigate the Governor and, if necessary, hold him accountable.


It makes me question if he knows what is going on or maybe he has been in office too long and has adopted an “above the law” attitude about his role as Governor.  Regardless of the why, it is costing Iowa citizens too many hard earned tax dollars for outside lawyers to clean up these messes.

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