Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Applauding Immigration Reform Discharge Petition


(Washington, DC) The AFL-CIO applauds elected leaders for energetically pushing a simple message: The House of Representatives should vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration bill that passed overwhelmingly nine long months ago.

Since the U.S. Senate voted 68-32 last June in support of a bipartisan bill to address our long-standing immigration crisis, America has suffered more than 250,000 deportations, and House Republicans have made a partisan decision not to allow that bill a single up or down vote. Leader Pelosi and other fighters for immigration reform have recognized that the “discharge petition” is just a fancy term for basic fairness: Members of Congress should vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration bill.

If the Republican Party is willing to move past nativism, there will soon be a vote on a bill supported by nearly every element of civil society, from labor to business and from policy wonks to the faith community. If not, the electoral repercussions will be heard not only in 2014, but in election cycles for years to come.

As we campaign across the country to end Republican stalling, we will continue to push the Administration to take broad executive action to relieve the ongoing deportation crisis for millions of workers.


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