Hourly Workers Fed Up with Lack of Respect from Management

By Bob Anderson UFCW Local 617 member

            Ever ask yourself, what does my boss do? Sit and think about it for a minute… What does my boss do? Now ask yourself, what do I get done everyday?

            Obviously I don’t have the numbers in front of me and I am quite sure the company will never tell us how much more product we pump out compared to even 10 years ago. Is it 30% more? Double? Who knows? What I do know is that the production workers and maintenance gang are tasked with a very heavy work load. Line speeds are ridiculous, we are understaffed, shift changeovers have become a joke, very little time allowed for sanitation, forced overtime, weekends, and the list could go on forever. On top of that, the company wants to write up, suspend, fire, and hold up pay raises for any given reason that they can come up with. All from a management team that has little to no impact on what actually happens on the floor. The main people who generate revenue for the company are the hourly workers. We on the shop floor are the backbone of this plant, not your team manager who sits in their climate controlled office, watching YouTube videos, on their smart phones, drinking soda and eating snacks. It’s not anyone in the front offices. Its you, running the lines, making decisions, doing QC, doing the schedule, training new employees, cleaning, etc. Your manager is not making a single dollar for the company.

Your managers are here to help facilitate the plant and make decisions which they think will help the plant run more efficiently. As far as I am concerned, the only thing we need a team manager for is to make sure our paychecks are correct. Outside of that, we pretty much take care of everything else on the floor.

Most managers seem to have this crazy idea that we work for them. CRAZY I say. The truth is, they work for US. They are at the plant to help us out and be a resource/tool for us to use to continue generating revenue for the company. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that we need assistance from management. We might need help with insurance, safety, payroll, days off, etc. You may need to contact your human resource/kiosk tool for assistance, if you can actually catch them at the plant. The work schedule of some salaried employees is amazing, but I will save that topic for another newsletter.

Remember before Pinnacle took over and there were managers/salaried employees everywhere? Then Pinnacle started to downsize the management staff to the levels we see now. All the while, we have increased production with less management. How is this even remotely possible? Because you get what you pay for.

 On top of that, the company continues to see their managers quit and leave. Which bring us bake to my original question: what does your boss do? Keep asking yourself that when your boss is coming down on you for not working fast enough. Keep asking yourself that when management is holding up your pay raise. Keep asking yourself that when you are forced to work another weekend away from your family. We have an enormous amount of expectation on our shoulders. The company reminds us of this every time an expectation is not met to their standards. What are our expectations from our managers? Remember, they work for us. To me, the only thing I want and expect from our management team is RESPECT. Plain and simple. The plant would run so much better if the company would respect the contract, the union, and you. It’s time to start holding our managers accountable for not meeting expectations. Its up to each and everyone of us to always get the respect we deserve.respect





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