AFSCME endorses Tyler Olson in Democratic Primary for governor

One of the state’s largest and most active unions has endorsed Democrat Tyler Olson’s bid for governor.

“Today is a very important day in the race for governor,” said Danny Homan, president of AFSCME Council 61, which represents over 40,000 government workers in Iowa. “…Our organization has had a long history of grassroots political activism and I expect nothing different during this campaign.”

AFSCME’s endorsement of a little known state senator from southeast Iowa helped propel Tom Vilsack to victory over Mark McCormick, a well-known ex-judge, in the 1998 Democratic gubernatorial primary.

“He was definitely the dark horse,” Homan said today of Vilsack, “and I’m not that saying Tyler is the dark horse, but Tom Vilsack went against ‘The Establishment’s’ pick…and because of our folks’ activism Tom Vilsack won the Primary, ultimately was elected governor and the rest is history.”

The union’s backing of Olson, a state representative from Cedar Rapids, means AFSCME members will work the phones, knock on doors and the union’s political action committee will make a donation to Olson’s campaign.


Des Moines Register Article

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