‘Ghostbusters’ Costume Fitting for Governor Branstad

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Terry Branstad has announced his Halloween costume plans. The Governor will be dressed as a Ghostbuster, he announced yesterday at a Des Moines middle school.
“The Ghostbusters costume is a perfect fit for Governor Branstad. His agenda is a product of the 1980s, and its sequel has been incredibly disappointing,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “The scariest part about this Halloween and every day for middle class Iowans are Branstad’s failed promises on job growth and income growth.”
Polling consistently shows that Iowans believe Governor Branstad has been in office too long, including 55% in late September who said he ‘has been in office long enough.’
Additionally, economic indicators prove that the Governor has failed to meet his campaign promises. Branstad promised to create 200,000 jobs, but Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show we are roughly 170,000 short. Family income growth has been lagging as well. Branstad promised an increase in income growth of 25 percent. Last year’s figures show only an increase of 2.8 percent.
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