America’s veterans shouldn’t be held hostage when Congress won’t do its job. Period.

That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass legislation that protects veterans in the event of another government shutdown.

This legislation, called the Putting Veterans Funding First Act, would require Congress to fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs a year ahead of schedule to ensure veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned and keep all VA services operational if the government shuts down again.

By funding the VA a year ahead of schedule, all VA services will have timely, predictable funding, as well as make it easier to plan for key investments in claims processing, information technology, and important construction projects.

Last week, I met with veterans at the Iowa Veterans’ Welcome Center in Cedar Rapids to talk about this important legislation.

Watch this short news clip from WHO-TV and learn how this bill protects our veterans:

Watch the video

Our brave veterans put their lives on the line for our country. The least Congress can do is honor the commitments it’s made.

I urge my colleagues in Congress to pass this sensible, bipartisan legislation protecting our vets.

All the best,

Bruce Braley

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