The Register’s Editorial: Vote against Obamacare by King and Latham would hurt Iowans

Next week Iowans will begin signing up for health insurance through new online marketplaces. Next year thousands more of the very poorest Iowans will be enrolled in government-funded Medicaid. Republicans and Democrats in the Iowa Legislature worked together to craft a plan to cover additional low-income Iowans. The state is waiting for federal approval to move forward.

All this is a result of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Iowans will finally have the ability to obtain health insurance, regardless of pre-existing conditions or employment status. You won’t need to remain in a job you hate just because you need the employer-based health plan. You won’t have to hang on to retire until your 65th birthday when you’re eligible for Medicare. If you’re poor and suffering from mental health problems, you can get help.


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