AFSCME Picket this Friday in Coralville

AFSCME Local 2985 will be doing an informational picket to let the public know our concerns about staffing levels and the nurse’s vacation on September 27, 2013. We will meet at the AmericInn on highway 965 in
Coralville at 9:00 am.

Why are we doing this?

1. We need more staff. Over the years we have lost staff and cut posts. We work with a very difficult inmate population and it’s time that management puts the line staff back in place to make IMCC a safe place to work.

2. The nurses vacation system. Last year we had an agreement with management for 2 nurses each shift to be off on vacation. One of the things that we agreed on was to bring down sick leave. We did that. Sick leave went down 484 hours. When the agreement was up management refused to renew it saying that the overtime went up. The union does not control overtime or the hiring – management does. Also management says that if it’s their weekend to work there is no way they can have it off. However none of the management staff works weekends. This would be like saying if you are scheduled to work on Tuesday you can never have a Tuesday off.

We have filed many grievances over these issues and it’s time to go out and tell the public that it’s time to put staff back and everyone needs time off to spend with their families.

I am asking all of my union brothers and sisters to come and join us on the picket line. It’s time to take a stand.

Marty Hathaway
President AFSCME Local 2985

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