Quad City Federation of Labor endorsements

The Quad City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, has endorsed IBEW 145 President Carlton Wills for Davenport City Council 3rd Ward. They also endorsed Rick Dunn (UA 25 member) for 1st Ward; Shelia Burrage (CWA 7110 member) for 5th Ward; Mike Matson (Davenport Education Association) for 7th Ward; Jamie Woods for 8th Wardl and Kevin Perkins for the At-large race. Carlton Wills and Kevin Perkins face a primary on October 8th. The General Election is scheduled for Nov. 5th. Dunn and Matson are running unopposed.




Carlton Wills is career union electrician and a delegate to the Quad City Federation of Labor. He has also been a delegate to the Iowa Federation of Labor Convention multiple times. He is running against an incumbent who swears off using organized labor in city construction projects. Carlton faces an uphill battle in defeating an incumbent who is supported by Davenport’s Mayor Bill Gluba who in recent years has taken strong positions against public sector union rights. Please contact Carlton to donate or volunteer for his campaign: (563-570-1757)




If all QCLF endorsed candidates win their races, it would mean that of the ten total members on the Davenport City Council, four would be card-carrying active union members, and two others would be union-supporters, a dramatic change from the current administration.



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