Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Voting Rights Act

June 25, 2013


Today’s Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act dealt a huge blow to working people.  Instead of recognizing the continued importance and efficacy of the Voting Rights Act, a five-vote conservative majority on the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John Roberts tossed aside a key provision that has helped protect and expand the right to vote. Our democracy has always been better when we have full participation and when people aren’t disenfranchised based on race, class, gender or other biased factors.  As the greatest democracy in the world – albeit one with a troublesome history with respect to access to the polls — the United States should be ensuring that every eligible voter who takes the responsibility to vote has the opportunity to do so and has his or her vote counted.  We call on Congress with leadership from President Obama to live up to the ideals of our democracy by protecting and ensuring the right to vote for all.


Statement online here:

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