Make NAFTA Good for Workers

Three working people who went on strike have been murdered in Mexico since November, even as trade representatives from signatories of the North American Free Trade Agreement have been meeting to renegotiate the deal. The next round of talks begins on Feb. 24 in Mexico. NAFTA must protect workers from being targeted with threats and violence.

Message of the Day—Make NAFTA Good for Workers

For almost 25 years, the North American Free Trade Agreement has put the interests of powerful corporate CEOs ahead of environmental standards, healthy communities and regular working families across the continent.

By contrast, a good trade deal would level the playing field for all workers with key provisions to:

  • Eliminate corporate privileges like the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, which is a special, private court where only foreign investors can challenge our laws and win potentially huge payouts.
  • Add strong, clear and robustly enforced protections for working people, so workers can exercise our freedom of speech and assembly without fear of intimidation or violence.
  • Add provisions to protect our democratic freedoms, so we can pass and enforce environmental protections to safeguard our food, water and products like children’s toys.

The AFL-CIO is committed to winning trade deals that protect and support the freedom of working people so we can raise pay and work standards and improve our communities.

Kitchen Table Economics

Meztli Sarabia Reyna: That’s the name of the daughter of the leader of a union of street vendors in Mexico who was shot and killed on June 29 last year to intimidate the organization and its members.

Lorain, Ohio | NAFTA

NAFTA is a failure for working people across North America. It kills jobs, lowers wages and diminishes our democracy. Find out how it’s hurt the people and community of Lorain, Ohio in this video.

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