Kim Reynolds: Democrats “Want The State To Fail” – Iowa Starting Line

Governor Kim Reynolds is back to her needlessly divisive ways. In a little-noticed event in Mason City this past week after her Condition of the State address, the Republican governor accused Democrats of rooting for Iowa to fail as a state.

“They want the state to fail, I don’t,” Radio Iowa contributor KRIB reported Reynolds saying on Thursday. “I’m optimistic about the future and the capacity that exists within the state. I don’t know where they are traveling, but I travel all across the state, and I talked to these job creators that really are just ready to grow and expand, and they are investing in our schools and Iowans.”

The event was part of Reynolds’ statewide tour following her speech to the Iowa Legislature. The remarks seemingly went unnoticed by most news outlets, but state auditor candidate Rob Sand drew attention to them on Sunday, arguing that it was “untrue, divisive, and makes it harder for two parties to work together to solve problems” in an email to supporters.

Reynolds’ attack on Democrats sounded very similar to the divisive comments she made last October at a fundraiser event headlined by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who this past week faced an explosive sexual blackmail scandal.


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