Opportunity missed in ‘unleashing opportunity’ | Iowa Fiscal Partnership

IFP Statement:

Statement of Iowa Fiscal Partnership • Mike Owen, Iowa Policy Project

We voiced optimism last year that Governor Kim Reynolds could use her new position as “an opportunity to lead us past the divisive and cloistered decision making of the last six years.” Her first Condition of the State address Tuesday did not take that course. We will see if her “Unleashing Opportunity” tour to promote it around the state does more.

She did proclaim the state would lead against sexual harassment in the workplace. On tax policy she offered a meaningful step toward responsible tax reform by proposing to eliminate federal deductibility. But the impact of the latter depends on details she did not offer. Instead, a strong theme of tax cuts came through when the state already has trouble paying for critical services.

Governor Reynolds doubled down on her support of policies that hammered hundreds of thousands of Iowans in the 2017 “session of suppression” under her predecessor — suppression of wages, of local control, of worker rights, of voting rights and of workplace protections.


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