UAW chief rips Ford plan to move production to Mexico, says tax bill undermines NAFTA plan

UAW President Dennis Williams condemned Ford Motor’s strategy to move production of electric vehicles from Michigan to Mexico and noted the silence of President Donald Trump on Ford’s recent announcement.

“I’m angry at Ford,” he said during an interview Tuesday with the Free Press. “It has an opportunity to do something for the state of Michigan and the United States of America. People in Mexico are not going to buy electric vehicles. And we desperately need high-paying jobs and technology here. I mean, 7% of vehicle cost is labor. How much do they need to make in profits?”

Ford earlier this month said it planned to build electric vehicles in Mexico. Last year, amid pressure from Trump to keep jobs in the U.S., the company said it would build EVs at its Flat Rock plant south of Detroit. The new plan is to produce self-driving vehicles at Flat Rock while building traditional cars there as well.


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