One reason IPERS works

Always beware those promoting solutions in search of a problem. Worse yet: solutions that are not solutions, to problems that are not problems. With that warning, we introduce the return of some in the Legislature and anti-public employee lobbyists, backed by nothing but alarmism and ideology, spinning the issue of public pensions. They have no substance on their side, but we’ll see what voice they get today with a legislative interim committee meeting on Iowa’s public pension systems. The largest program, IPERS, has been under attack by those would turn it into a 401K style system that would benefit private-sector vultures but make pensions less secure. As the latest IPERS valuation report showed, the system is on track to be fully funded. It is providing and will continue to provide benefits the way employees and retirees expect. One reason is the contributions by public employers and public employees are meeting the needed level (green line).

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