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www.Labor411.orgDec. 15, 2017

What’s on Her Wish List?

Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day may be the traditional times to break out the flowers and jewelry, but the winter holidays are as fitting an opportunity as ever to spoil that special lady in your life. The gift list below runs the gamut from clothing and accessories to cosmetics and chocolate because. . .well. . .it’s always a good time to give chocolate. And if you’ve still got people to shop for on your “Nice” list, consult our handy “Gifts for Him” and our “Made in America” gifts and get ready to receive a hearty thank you.

Whatever list you’re using, when you buy from ethical manufacturers who treats their workers well, you are doing your part to support good jobs and strengthen the middle class. That makes your present the gift that really keeps on giving.

Happy holidays!
Labor 411

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