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Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in response to the Republican tax bill passing the Senate:

The GOP tax bill that passed the Senate by one vote is nothing but an attack on America’s workers. We will pay more, corporations and billionaires will pay less. It’s a job killer. It gives billions of tax giveaways to big corporations that outsource jobs and profits.

President Trump said that he wanted to lower taxes for everyone as a Christmas gift to America, but this bill is simply a lump of coal to working families across the country. The only real gift is the major tax giveaways to Wall Street, big corporations and the super-rich, when what our country needs is investment in our schools and infrastructures that creates jobs.

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Message of the Day—No More Handouts to Rich

The Republican tax bill that squeaked through Congress in the dead of night last week has 479 pages, but the summary is simple: It hurts working people to give handouts to Wall Street and the rich. The bill:

Lowers taxes on the 1%. In an era marked by staggering economic inequality, the GOP dramatically lowered taxes on billionaires like Donald Trump by about $500 million.

Pays companies to outsource jobs. Major corporations may be able to cut their taxes to zero by sending jobs and investments overseas, at a cost of $500 million to taxpayers.

Raises taxes on poor workers. Millions of working people will get smaller deductions and tighter restrictions, all to give a few individuals like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin a massive tax break.

Hurts America’s future. The GOP tax bill hurts students in a number of ways, including by ending the tax credit for interest payments on student loans.

Still, this tax bill is far from being law. The House and Senate passed two different bills, which give working families more time to fight it. Instead of giving handouts to powerful corporations, Congress should fight for our jobs and our communities.

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