Grassley, Ernst misleading Iowans about Senate GOP tax bill – Bleeding Heartland

Responding to Iowans who have contacted their offices about tax policy, U.S. Senate Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst have misrepresented how the latest Republican bill would affect lower and middle-income taxpayers.

The Senate Budget Committee approved the broad tax bill on November 28, clearing a path for the full Senate to vote on the legislation this week, assuming Republican leaders can can find 50 votes in favor. (Several GOP senators have expressed doubts.)

Grassley plans to support the bill, his staff are telling constituent callers–though he and some other senior Republicans don’t like a proposed “trigger” that would automatically increase some taxes “if the tax cuts in the bill don’t stimulate enough economic growth to avoid deficits.”

All signs point to Ernst voting yes as well; she has praised key features of the GOP proposal, and I haven’t seen her name in any Congressional reporter’s “whip count” listing senators whose support is in doubt. However, in a replay of this summer’s health care reform debate, her staff have told callers she is “not sure” yet how she will vote on this legislation. Ernst’s spokesperson told me on November 27 the senator “will review the final proposal and remains committed to working with her colleagues throughout the upcoming legislative process to provide relief to Iowa’s families and small businesses, and a much-needed boost to America’s economy.”


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