GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax plan is not a ‘victory’ for Iowans

It is doubtful Rep. Steve King could retain his job in Washington if he represented the 3rd Congressional district of Iowa. His extremism would not be tolerated by many voters in the Des Moines metro. So how does Rep. David Young, who votes essentially in lockstep with King, keep his seat?

Once again, Young has joined King and Rep. Rod Blum in kowtowing to GOP leadership. After voting a few months ago to dismantle Obamacare and strip health insurance from Iowans, this month Young helped ram through a half-baked, irresponsible tax “reform” bill that would increase the federal deficit and likely reduce economic growth.

Young called the passage of the House bill a “victory for Iowans.”

Perhaps there was a missing word in his press release. He should have stipulated that only “wealthy” Iowans would emerge victorious. They are the biggest beneficiaries


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