It’s no surprise that Senate Republican Majority Leader Bill Dix decided to wait until Black Friday morning to release their internal report on sexual harassment. Because it does not look good at all for Dix, who just last week insisted in interviews with the press that sexual harassment issues were not an ongoing issue within their office.

“I can tell you, Simon, with complete and utter openness and confidence, that there is nothing that has come to me as a result of that investigation or any other conversations with our employees that indicates this is an ongoing problem within the staff,” Dix told radio host Simon Conway last week.

Conway pressed him, questioning whether any problems are happening now. Dix indicated it wasn’t.

“And hasn’t happened for several years, to my knowledge,” Dix said.

And yet, in the report released today (which Dix only relented on releasing after considerable public backlash), senate staff reported that there is “an environment on the Senate Floor with Senators making sexually suggestive comments or about sexual preferences.” They also reported there was at least one specific instance during the 2017 legislative session, as well as another where a senator made an inappropriate comment during a dense breast tissue bill (legislation on mammograms), possibly in a recent year.

Several other statements Dix made last week seem to be contradicted by the report as well.


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