GOP Bill is a Job Killer

Republicans in the House are set to vote on a terrible tax bill this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow. Despite claims that this tax plan will help the middle class, nothing could be further from the truth.

The GOP tax plan will make it easier to ship even more good-paying manufacturing jobs overseas by eliminating taxes on offshore profit. This tax plan blows a hole in the federal deficit and sticks you and your grandchildren with the bill. The GOP tax plan also unfairly raise taxes on the middle class and retirees.

Call 1-888-329-5096 now to be connected to your member of Congress. 

It would increase taxes on many middle-class families and most of its tax breaks would go to the top 1% and corporations, while many families earning between $50,000 and $150,000 would pay more in taxes.

To pay for these tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, the GOP plan would cut 1.5 trillion dollars from programs like Medicare, Medicaid and your retirement security, raising the possibility that Medicare could be turned into a voucher program.

We need your help to stop this attack on Unin families. Call 1-888-329-5096 now to be connected to your member of Congress.

When they answer just say you’re a voter in their District, tell them where you live, and tell them to VOTE NO ON H.R. 1. Call 1-888-329-5096 now to be connected to the office. And thank you for your help.

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