Labor History

Labor Quote of the Day: William Hutcheson
“While we have every desire to assist the government in the crisis we are now passing through, we have no intention of waiving our rights to maintain for ourselves the conditions we have established.”
– Hutcheson was President of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America from 1915 to 1952, and helped lead a general strike during the first World War

November 08
20,000 workers, Black and White, stage general strike in New Orleans, demanding union recognition and hour and wage gains – 1892

President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces plans for the Civil Works Administration to create four million additional jobs for the Depression-era unemployed. The workers ultimately laid 12 million feet of sewer pipe and built or made substantial improvements to 255,000 miles of roads, 40,000 schools, 3,700 playgrounds, and nearly 1,000 airports (not to mention 250,000 outhouses still badly needed in rural America) – 1933

In one of the U.S. auto industry’s more embarrassing missteps over the last half-century, the Ford Motor Co. decides to name its new model the Edsel, after Henry Ford’s only son. Ford executives rejected 18,000 other potential names – 1956


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