Statement by ISEA President Tammy Wawro on landslide recertification victories

“We are enormously proud of the thousands and thousands of education professionals who overwhelmingly voted in favor of their professions by successfully passing recertification in their locals.

ISEA members and their colleagues took time out of their busy schedules to let the legislature know that they believe their voice in their profession, their work environment and in support of their students is important.  Almost 22,000 employees were impacted by this vote.  After the two week period of recertification, 98 percent of our locals retained the ability to collectively negotiate a Master Contract.


Iowa legislators set an unreasonable standard for successful recertification elections requiring a 50 percent plus 1 majority of all employees covered by the bargaining unit regardless of their union membership. In addition anyone who failed to participate was automatically counted as a “no”.  In spite of this standard, 216 out of 220 ISEA locals passed their recertification elections. We were short just 15 votes for a complete sweep.


In passing the anti-union bill last spring, Iowa legislators told unions that recertification elections were needed for members to choose their own representation. Today, local associations overwhelmingly chose the union to help represent their best interests and the interests of their students, schools and the communities in which they live.


So, it appears that recertification elections were just another obstacle the legislature placed in front of Iowa’s public employee unions in an effort to weaken them. Once again, this obstacle was overcome by the strong and determined professionals who will not back down from what they know is best for their profession, their students and their schools.


We are very proud of our members and the other public employees who stood strong. It is now time to get back to the great work they do every day for Iowa’s students.”




The ISEA represents education professionals across the state. This October, ISEA had 220 local associations up for recertification representing almost 22,000 employees making it the largest recertification election by one union held by PERB.

This September, the ISEA had 13 local associations up for recertification representing almost 1300 employees. All 13 voted in favor of recertification.


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