Working people just stopped Senate Republicans from gutting health care as we know it—AGAIN.

The defeat of the Graham–Cassidy health care bill proves what we’ve known all along: When working people join together to champion our cause, we can win. We’re asking everyone to share this graphic to celebrate the defeat of this terrible bill.

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This victory belongs to us. Millions of people made phone calls, sent emails, wrote letters to the editor in their local papers, and lobbied elected officials to oppose any health care bill that would take coverage away from millions of Americans, discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions and gut Medicaid as we know it.

The biggest winners here are the millions of Americans who would’ve lost their health care under the passage of Graham–Cassidy. Every single American should have access to decent health care.

This fight is not over—Senate Republican leaders will try to bring this back again. Sharing this graphic is a great way for us to celebrate our victory right now and confirm your resolve to keep fighting for every American to have access to decent health care.

Click here to celebrate our victory, and share the image above with your friends and family on social media.

In Solidarity,


Shaun O’Brien
Assistant Director of Policy for Health and Retirement, AFL-CIO

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