Tell your senators to oppose the Graham–Cassidy repeal bill and any other bill that guts our health care.

We don’t have a lot of time. We recently learned that Republican leaders have been gathering support for an effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and enact huge health care cuts by the end of September.
A group of hard-right Republicans worked in secret to draft the Graham–Cassidy bill. This version could be even more disastrous than the one working people just defeated. Our senators need to hear our opposition to any bill that takes away our health care right now.
The Graham–Cassidy bill attacks health care that working people rely on.  If this bill passes, it could take health care away from as many as 32 million people. It would make a 40% tax on workers’ health benefits permanent, while letting employers off the hook entirely for contributing to workers’ health care. And it would make it legal to discriminate against people with pre-existing medical conditions.
Republican leaders have tried to take away our health care at every turn in the road, using every trick in the book. They are using a political maneuver that only requires 50 senators to support this bill in order to pass it. Sen. John McCain cast a ‘No’ vote in July, but there’s a good chance they may have McCain’s vote this time around. From there, it would be like watching dominoes fall.
We’re working closely with our allies to exhaust every tool at our disposal—from phone calls and text messages, to rallies and lobby visits—to put the full-court press against health care cuts. It’s more important than ever that each of us take action now to make it clear that we do not want any bill that will take away working people’s heath care.
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