Labor and WIN candidates did very well in School Board Elections

Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO Working Iowa Neighbors (WIN) candidates won over 70% of the endorsed races.

“It was good to see so many citizens stepping up to run for school board across Iowa. We are very happy that so many individuals we recruited, encouraged, and endorsed won.” Said Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.  “We need citizens who respect both, public education and the people who work so hard to educate our children, to lead school boards across this state.”

The Western Iowa Labor Federation (WILF) had two candidates that were part of the AFL-CIO’s Path-2-Power program and they both won. Kyle McGlade is the first successful WIN candidate from Council Bluffs, and Jeremy Saint won in the Sioux City election. Saint and McGlade received the most votes among all the candidates in their respective at-large races.

WILF won 100% of their endorsed races.

Other school board election races in the WILF WIN area included: Perla Arlacon-Flory and Ronald Colling for the Sioux City at large seats. Kristi Amick won an at-large seat in Lawton-Bronson. In Sioux City, all three endorsed candidates won, by defending one incumbent and picking up two open seats. WILF had an 100% endorsement win.

Another major endorsement win came from the South Central Iowa Area Labor Federation (SCIAFL) where they won three out of four races. One candidate was a part of the WIN program, Debi Plum, who won a seat on the Fairfield School board. The other races in SCIAFL were in Des Moines and West Des Moines. Rob Barron and Krystin Delagardelle-Shelley won seats on the Des Moines School Board. The West Des Moines seats were filled by Vicky Poole and Elizabeth Brennan.

Hawkeye Area Labor Council (HALC) won 6 our 9 endorsed races. All the HALC endorsed candidates were WIN candidates, including: Iowa City seats won by JP Claussen and Ruthina Malone; Jeff Orvis won the Cedar Falls seat; and Jacob Schweitzer won in Mason City. Two seats were picked up in Cedar Rapids where Gary Anhalt and Jennifer Borcherding won.

Sixty percent of the candidates endorsed by the Great River Area Labor Federation, were elected, and all were WIN Candidates.  Winners include:  Two of the three candidates in Fort Madison where Gayla Young and Tim Wondra were elected. Both endorsed candidates, Eric Gettes and Scott Bengstom, in Clinton won. Anderson Sainci won a seat on the Dubuque Board.

The two endorsed Bettendorf candidates, Richard Lynch and Andrew Champion were elected. One of the three Davenport candidates was elected: Allison Beck. Tom Courtney, former State Senator, was a write-in winner for the Burlington School Board, by beating a 24-year incumbent.

Overall, labor endorsed candidates won 28 of 38 races.

The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, established the WIN Program in 2011 to help make working families a priority for local and state elected officials. WIN also works together to build a “farm team” of experienced candidates ready to run for higher office when the opportunity or need presents itself.


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