Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidates come down on labor’s side at event

Gubernatorial hopefuls pledge to restore collective bargaining

Aug 24, 2017 at 10:11 pm  Print View

ALTOONA — Democrats running for governor told union leaders and rank-and-file members that restoring public employee bargaining rights would be a priority for them if elected.

Some of those seeking the endorsement of the Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO promised to take executive action to roll back changes made by the GOP-controlled Legislature earlier this year.

John Norris warned that it likely will take a change in control of the Legislature to restore bargaining rights to where they were before.

“This is not a 16-month campaign for governor (but) a three-year campaign to get back control of our state,” he told about 170 delegates at the Iowa Fed’s annual convention Thursday in Altoona.

Overall, the 10-candidate event was civil, with no one launching personal attacks, other than Coralville nurse and union president Cathy Glasson calling former Gov. Terry Branstad and current Gov. Kim Reynolds “goofballs.”

All candidates for governor were invited. Reynolds and Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett, likely contenders for the Republican nomination, had scheduling conflicts.

Highlights of the candidates’ remarks included:


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