The Senate is again operating in secret, working to take health care away from millions of people.

Watching the local news, you might think the most important thing right now is fireworks… but we know better!

The Senate is again operating in secret, working to take health care away from millions of people.

We need to act now!

Please call Senator Grassley at 866-828-4162.  Tell him who you are and remind him of his slogan “Grassley Works” and make sure he knows we want him to work for IOWANS, not for corporations and party politics!

Here are some facts put together by the National Alliance for Retired Americans:

·       This American Health Care Act (AHCA) decimates Medicaid, with more than $800 billion in cuts.

·       Donald Trump’s 2018 fiscal year budget attempts to add another $600 billion in Medicaid cuts to that figure, for a total of $1.4 trillion.

·       It is difficult to say what the cruelest aspect of this vote is, but raiding Medicare and cutting Medicaid surely are at the top of the list.

·       Even President Trump acknowledges that the AHCA is “mean.”

·       President Trump could fix this by going back to his campaign promises not to cut Medicare and Medicaid.

·       The AHCA drops the coverage guarantee for people with pre-existing conditions, strips coverage from millions and drives up costs for millions more.

·       The House bill takes away health insurance coverage away from 23 million Americans, and the Senate is using it as their starting point.

·       The numbers are especially troubling for anyone with a pre-existing condition. Premium increases are going to be massive for this group, which includes millions of older Americans.

·       Among people ages 55 to 64, 84 percent had at least one pre-existing condition in 2014.

·       The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score confirms older Americans’ worst fears: the American Health Care Act is a disaster for older Americans who are not yet eligible for Medicare.

·       The scenario isn’t much better for those who qualify for Medicare, since the AHCA robs the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

·       The transfer of wealth from the sick to the wealthy is unconscionable.

·       We know why the House leadership was in such a hurry to pass this dreadful legislation without a single hearing, and why the Senate negotiations are being done in private: it is both dangerous and unfair.

·       The CBO confirms some states will drop the coverage guarantee for people with pre-existing conditions. This will make health insurance a privilege for the wealthy, not a right.

·       This legislation will destabilize the health care markets.

Members of the Alliance for Retired Americans are mobilized and ready to fight tooth and nail against the AHCA in the Senate.

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