Republicans are fond of calling Democrats “big spenders” but it’s Iowa Republicans that aren’t capable of balancing the state’s budget this year. Republicans control all three branches of state government, so they can’t blame Democrats for their budget-busting corporate give-away spending.

The GOP preaches about taking responsibility and holding people accountable. Then why is Governor Reynolds refusing to take responsibility while blaming others for the state budget catastrophe? Reynolds’ party exploded the state budget with reckless corporate give-aways, but is blaming farmers for her fiscal mismanagement. Why isn’t Reynolds holding her State Department of Revenue accountable for a huge error in estimating the cost of these massive corporate gifts? Lastly, why is Governor Reynolds refusing to address the root causes of the Republican budget mess? Without action the 2018 budget is likely to mirror the 2017 budget disaster.

For the third time this year, Iowa Republicans have failed to balance Iowa’s checkbook on time. Just a few weeks ago Governor Reynolds and her corporate give-away team realized they didn’t have enough revenue to cover the bills coming due last Friday, June 30th. Due to their failed management, Reynolds made a final end run by plundering the states emergency funds for the second time this year.


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