Call Grassley and Ernst

Senators are flying home for the Fourth of July recess today. The Senate has still not passed Trumpcare, but GOP leaders are doing everything they can to pressure their members to fall into line.

With U.S. Senators back home, we must absolutely flood local Senate field offices during this recess, so that Senators will hear our message no matter where they are: Absolutely no deal on Trumpcare. Republicans must oppose this bill, and move on.

Here are the phone numbers for the local offices of Sen. Joni Ernst: (515)284-4574(563)322-0677(319)365-4504,(712)252-1550(712)352-1167

And Sen. Chuck Grassley at: (319)363-6832(712)322-7103,(563)322-4331(515)288-1145(712)233-1860(319)232-6657

The next few days will be absolutely essential to stopping Trumpcare.Mitch McConnell is working to bribe individual Senators with promises of funds for their state—if they vote for a bill that will take health insurance away from 22 million Americans. It is sick, it is appalling and we must expose it as a corrupt deal.

Once again, here are the phone numbers for the local offices of Sen. Joni Ernst: (515)284-4574, (563)322-0677, (319)365-4504, (712)252-1550, (712)352-1167

And Sen. Chuck Grassley at: (319)363-6832, (712)322-7103, (563)322-4331, (515)288-1145, (712)233-1860, (319)232-6657

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