Union Veterans

As you may have heard, Will Fischer moved on from the Union Veterans Council. He’s now at VoteVet.

Will did an outstanding job bringing the Veterans Council to the forefront of the labor movement, and new director Will Attig has plans to work with every union veteran to take us to the next level.

Will Attig is a combat Army Veteran who served several tours in Iraq with the First Infantry Division. Upon returning home, like a lot of other Veterans, Attig found that a civilian job wasn’t easy to land. In 2010 he was introduced to the Helmets to Hardhats program, which helped him become a UA Pipefitter.

Rest assured, the Union Veterans Council program is in good hands. Attig knows how to organize. He has a strategic plan to unite our vets into a powerful movement. He has already begun a large scale membership drive with a mission to dramatically grow the number of veterans in the organization. Attig will also work to create state and local level veterans councils and committees, all with the aim of supporting the veteran community through legislation and policy advocacy on a local, state and federal level.

“I am proud and honored  to be able to lead this movement. Together we can support the veterans programs of organized labor and build more. I talk to veterans and union members all the time, and we’re ready to train a lot more new motivated leaders to shape the future of the labor movement and improve the lives of America’s veterans,” Attig said.

Attig also wants to make sure that the story of veterans in labor is being told.

“No group in America that does as much as the labor movement to make sure veterans get on track with sustainable careers, the kind where you can raise a family if you want one and retire someday with dignity.”

The Union Veterans Council needs your help to get the word out. If you are or know a veteran who is a union member, please reach out and ask them sign up. The application process is easy, you can find it on our website www.unionveterans.org.


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